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Mounir Company for Medical Instruments, Supplies, and Cosmetics participated in all sales, as well as in tenders for import, registration, marketing, promotion, and distribution affairs.

Container ships at industrial ports in the business of import, export,

Registration affairs

We have good relations with the health authorities in the country and we also have a special team for registration and transactions

Portrait of senior physician taking notes on checkup files at desk in cabinet

Marketing and promotion

We have good experience in the field of selling and marketing products and we have strong relationships in the market. Through our knowledge of the strengths that we possess and the quality of the products that are promoted, we target doctors, pharmacists and beauty experts.

marketing product manager holding marketing promotion plan


We have an independent distribution department where we train, qualify, and provide technical support to distributors in order to build a good relationship with customers and work to create demand for products.

Trucks in the distribution hub

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