Muneer Ali Company for importing medicines, medical supplies and cosmetics

Innovative pharmaceutical with the highest quality standards at a competitive economic cost

Personalized Health Consultations

To be the first company locally and the leader regionally in the field of importing medicines and medical supplies

Comprehensive Health Monitoring

We work to maintain the health and happiness of society through esters and the provision of high-quality medicines and medical supplies at reasonable prices for everyone, and to ensure the satisfaction of all customers everywhere.

Medication Management and Delivery

Among our values ​​at Mounir Ali Import Company are high quality products, honesty, trustworthiness, continuous development, and environmental safety.

A glimpse of us

We are at Mounir Ali Company for importing medicines, medical supplies and cosmetics


Group of doctors talking to pharmaceutical sales representative

Our history

12 years of experience in the field of medicines and medical supplies. 307 employees work with us as one team.

Our employees are qualified to work in all departments as managers, sales promoters, accountants, distributors and administrators

Our company is expanding rapidly and we aim to open branches throughout Yemen

In light of our long history of work, we have become one of the most important main importers in the health sector market in general

We have enhanced experience and sufficient knowledge on how to generate increased demand for products

Why choose us?

Medical supplies

Medical supplies are the tools used in hospitals, clinics, and medical laboratories, including preparing intensive care rooms, medical furniture for hospitals, surgical instruments, and diagnostic devices.

medical supplies on a yellow background, pills water treatment mask virus

Child health products

Infant and children's products are imported to be suitable for them, as these products are specially made to be light and non-irritating and are made from ingredients that are selected by experts and specialists.

Word 'baby' made of wooden letters and infant products


Cosmetics are imported and are products used to enhance and improve the appearance and health of the skin of the face and body. These products are designed to be used safely on the face and body.

cosmetics and accessories

Herbal and natural medicines

They are provided as tablets, capsules, powders, extracts, and fresh or dried plants in order to satisfy the desire of many people who prefer products that carry the “natural” label, which are always safe and good for them.

A woman in the garden collects medicinal herbs for tinctures and alternative medicine.

The companies we deal with

Multi ethnic company workers having briefing at office